Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Paper Modelling on the Stand


           It is such an easy way to design! All you need to do is wrap the paper around the dummy, sellotape all the way round to make it tight and here you are - the new paper and sellotape skin for the dummy. After that, drawing the front and back centre lines, side lines, and bust/waist/hips/neck/hands lines. And now it is ready for brain storming and ideas exploding - drawing the design lines right on it! For making the 'map of the garment' easier to follow I marked each piece into letters and single notches at the front and sides, double notches at the back. Having all this done, I cut the pieces out and made sure it lays down flat. Finally, I redrew each piece onto the new paper and got the patterns ready for making a dress!
Just let you know a mysterious fact:
  • If you got to model for example onto the 12 size of the dummy so the made dress will always be a size or two smaller. It could be because of  not enough seam-allowance left.

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