Saturday, 6 October 2012

My first try of TR design !

Here is my little experiment of TR just to see how it works. I used the basic top pattern with the paper.

Firstly I re-drew the basic pattern onto the paper and marked the centre bust line and the darts and grain lines.

Secondly I folded the darts and then pinned them to get the 3D shape of the pattern.

Third step is most enjoyable! Put the top onto the dummy and draw the design lines which I marked into a red marker. You have to make sure the design lines go through the centre bust line and darts crossing point to get the new patterns flat.

Here is my new pattern which broke into 3 parts. After making sure they are flat I put them onto paper to re-draw.

And finally I got the new patterns ready to use on fabric and start sewing! As you see there are no darts. The design lines I created will give a nice 3D shape for the new garment.

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