Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Not A Fashion Designer But An Artist! Yayoi Kusama Creats A Fashion Line For Louis Vuitton

Yayoi Kusama – a Japanese artist known as a writer but more in her career of painting, collage, performance and conceptual arts. Her works are very colourful and full of minimalism, repeating patterns such as polka dots.
In 1960s her art works of ‘polka dots’ became very well-known after she presented a series of ‘Body Festival’ where were naked participants with painted bright coloured polka dots on their bodies.
After this, in1968, Kusama established Kusama Fashion Conpany Ltd, and began sellingavant-garde fashion in the 'Kusama Corner' at Bloomingdales. And in 2011 she starts working with Marc Jacobs on a line of ‘Louis Vuitton’ products such as hand-bags, accessories, shoes, clothes.  The products are influenced by vibrant colours, repeating ‘polka dots’ patterns and quite simple designs of clothes which Yayoi Kusama puts into the line.
I must to say that Yayoi Kusama’s fashion collection has influenced the pop art and feminine. I like its simple, not difficult shapes clothes and late 1960s style accessories of playful dots!

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